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RZA & Cilvaringz Euro Tour Updates - 2003-02-09 11:33:53

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[wimg=left]../images/news/03_01_28_eurotour.gif[/wimg]Here is a pretty sad update for all English & Irish fans that wished to go to the Euro Tour. Unfortunately RZA & Cilvaringz had to cancel Birmingham and London. It wasn't their fault, basically not 1 promoter, agency or club wanted to book this show. And it wasn't that expensive to begin with. Cilvaringz had to cancel Dublin too due to the cancellation of the UK shows.

Cilvaringz spoke to RZA last night and he was like "well, fuck them (England & Zurich), stripe them off our list if they don't want the show". Even France wanted to do it now, eventhough they have a history of violence, but due to booked venues on their only available dates they had to cancel France as well.

They spoke to almost every possible venue in England like Helter Skelter Agency, Meanfiddler, Astoria, Subterania and the list goes on. Nobody wanted this show.

Cilvaringz said that he kept trying until the last moment, which was when he had to book the tourbus. In order to book a tourbus they needed the final tour dates.

As you have seen in the tour list, they are hitting alot of countries. The tour is a much bigger tour than artists like Nas and Jay-Z have been able to do. There's not more Cilvaringz can do with the tour when it's exactly one month away

RZA confirmed to Cilvaringz last night that Masta Killa, Beretta 9 and DJ Mathmatics will be coming along on this tour and Tekitha might as well. From the European side it will be: Cilvaringz, Origin (Backup), DJ Sueside, Moongod (sound engineer RZA & Cilvaringz), Ganz (Roadie), G.I. (Road management) and Yce (Camera).

The only thing Cilvaringz can suggest for the UK fans, would to call these agencies up like crazy, screaming you want this show. It has helped before, even with Budapest on this tour. If it wasn't for the fans in Hungary the venue would not have taken this show!

Here are the people to bug:

* Adrian Gibson 0044-207-916-8567

* Matthew (Astoria) 0044-207-434-9592

* Subterania 0044-208-960-4590

* Serena (Profile Agency) 0044-207-394-0012

* Helter Skelter 0044-207-376-8501

* Clive Uhillsmith (Coda) 0044-207-267-5599

That's about it as far as big people in the industry who can do such a show. I would say get all your peoples and bug these people's mind out, phonecalls, emails... but phonecalls are very effective.

If you get them to do it, have them email Cilvaringz at cilvaringz@yahoo.com

So here's the final list of dates, cities & venues:

March | 2003:

06 : Gent (Belgium) - Vooruit
07 : Tilburg (Netherlands) - 013
08 : Erfurt / Jena (Germany) - Pom Arena
09 : Kassel (Germany) - Hotel Reiss - Ballsaal
10 : Krefeld (Germany) - Kulturefabrik
11 : Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Melkweg
12 : Frankfurt (Germany) - Darmstadt Centralstation
13 : Basel (Switzerland) - Die Kuppel
14 : Bologna (Italy) - Link
15 : Milan (Italy) - Leonkavello
16 : Zagreb (Croatia) - TBA
18 : Vienna (Austria) - Exhibition Centre Hall no. 1
20 : Sofia (Bulgaria) - Winter Palace Of Sports
21 : Belgrade (Servia) - TBA
22 : Budapest (Hungary) - Petofi Csarnok
23 : Prague (Czech Republic) - Roxy
25 : Warschau (Poland) - Stodola
26 : Berlin (Germany) - 2 B Club
27 : Hamburg (Germany) - Markthalle
28 : Malmo (Sweden) - KB Club
29 : Arhuus (Denmark) - The Train
30 : Oslo (Norway) - Rockefeller
31 : Stockholm (Sweden) - KTH

April | 2003:

02 : Helsinki (Finland) - Nosturi

Also RZA & Cilvaringz will be going on tour around Asia & Australia in June this year, here is the tentative tour list:

June | 2003:

Brisbane (Australia) - TBA
Perth (Australia) - TBA
Sydney (Australia) - TBA
Melbourne (Australia) - TBA
Hong Kong (China) - TBA
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - TBA
Singapore (Malaysia) - TBA

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